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Post-Modern Lifestyle Project

    [ Post-Modern Lifestyle Project, PMLP] The Post-Modern Lifestyle Project (PMLP) research and educational project operated by Stephen M Brown. The project maintains a health and nutritional database and educational services administered via its websites. Further information can be found at… Read More »Post-Modern Lifestyle Project

    Sugar Alcohol

      [ Sugar alcohol, Alditol, Glycitol, Polyalcohol, Polyhydric alcohol ] Any of a class of sweet-tasting polyols, used widely in the food industry as sweeteners and thickeners. Biochemically, sugar alcohols are neither sugars nor alcohols although they are commercially produced from sugars. The… Read More »Sugar Alcohol

      Vitamin D

        [ Vitamin D, D2, D3 ] Vitamin D is any of a group of fat-soluble nutrients that are essential for the absorption of calcium, magnesium and phosphate. While referred to as a vitamin, chemically vitamin D is a steroid with… Read More »Vitamin D